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10 Week Menopause
Breakthrough Program

In my 10-week Menopause Breakthrough program, I bring small groups of women together to treat your symptoms and craft personalized health plans to rebalance your hormones so you begin to thrive through menopause. 

Together we will transform your health and restore the life you loved. I have seen this too many thousands of times to have even the slightest doubt.  Bring your fears, pains, ideas and we will create magic; the magic of menopause.


Your life is waiting. It’s time to feel radiant again & forever. 

Join the waitlist:

Launching in Spring 2024


What’s Included:

  • 10x live online sessions to discuss, diagnose, and treat all aspects of menopause

  • 2x individual consultations with Dr. Britton, N.D, who's an incredible naturopathic doctor that I have personally trained since 2018. 


  • 5x Body Software hormone creams or supplements to correct deficiencies and restore your health


  • 1x Detox Radiant Eating Plan to manage weight and feel your best


  • 1x lifestyle plan with a focus on sleep, exercise, and meditation


  • 1x copy of my book, Radiant Again & Forever

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I invite you to join me to reclaim your youthful self. I focus on treating your menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms and we focus on chronic ailments often associated with aging.


We start by understanding what hormone deficiencies you might have, and if there are symptoms created from those deficiencies. After blood work and a consult with Dr. Beryl Birtton, N.D, each participant will receive a custom bio-identical hormone plan to balance your 12 vital hormones.

Experience True Radiance:

As your doctor I will guide you on your proven path to reclaim your life and vitality:

  • Renew your energy.

  • Start sleeping better.

  • Boost your mood.

  • Manage your weight.

  • Restore your sex drive.



Bring your fears and hopes. With no more than 15 women per group,  this program is designed to make you feel connected, and full of life.

Week 1:

Get to know the group, set goals, and begin the Detox Radiant Eating Plan 


Week 2:

Share stories, learn what happens to your body during menopause, and receive education on how you can start feeling better


Week 3:

Learn about estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone in detail, and how each hormone can affect everything from sex to your weight


Week 4:

Learn about the adrenal stress hormone, the symptoms associated with adrenal decline, as well as how to manage stress and restore adrenal burnout


Week 5:

Discover everything you need to know about the thyroid gland and how to correct a low thyroid

Week 6:

Achieve the deep, restorative rest you need, with education on all things sleep


Week 7:

Learn about insulin and high blood sugar problems: the root cause of almost all chronic health troubles


Week 8:

Discuss HGH, the symptoms of its decline, and how to correct it


Week 9:

Reconnect with your sexuality through a crash course on sex, desire, and the hormones at play

Week 10:

Share your joys and fears, reflect on the last 9 weeks, and set intentions for the future

Join the waitlist:

Launching in Spring 2024

The Schedule

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